About us



The Sedlar company is specialized in high quality metal machining. Since 1993 the Company develops technical solutions for single product or mass production according to customer’s needs. Long-standing experience in production of metal products for construction, households and industrial application. The Company guarantees high quality products and services, precise machining and professional business relationship. We provide CNC machining services – CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC bending & sheet metal machining along with weldments and construction from different types of materials.

We also provide outsourcing services and production for partners. Some of our business partners are Končar, Bechtel, Bertol and others.

More than 200 standard products including: angle brackets, binding plates, shelf brackets, handrail brackets, sliding gate kits, gate & door parts, screws, fastenings, wire strainer all made in different dimensions, colours and metal finishing (Zink coated, powder coated). Retail network for standard production includes domestic market but also export to other European Union member states along with other markets like Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Sedlar company is experienced in simple and complex structures for interior & exterior decoration and industrial purposes made of different metals in combination with other materials. Take a look at some of our previous custom-made weldments projects in weldment gallery (ShoeBeDo Store, Wedding gown Sposa, Miss Sixty Concept Store).

Company is proud of a long-term business cooperation with partners for powder coating, galvanizing, Zink-coating and sheet metal CNC laser cutting. We are ready to turn your idea or a scheme to the technical solution and final product in a minimum time.

New CNC binging machine/servo electric press have been financed with EU founds - under Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2018.